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May is the month for celebrating our community! We have three exciting events to SHowcase inside this month’s edition of flaSH [PDF]. This month we pay tribute to our clients in the community, at the state and our friends helping protect the environment.

Ralph and Betty Engelstad Boys & Girls Club

Ne-Yo and B&G Club President Jim Richards cut the ribbon at the new Englestad B & G Club. The LEED Gold Certified clubhouse was redeveloped on the site of the previous club to replace the aging club with a new 8000 SF, two-story state of the art facility. The new prototype clubhouse designed by SHARCHITECTURE for B&G Clubs, emphasizes their new branding campaign and commitment to sustainability. It features a multipurpose game room, computer library, art room, teen center, kitchen and recording studio.

SPWB Campos Parole and Probation Building

SHARCHITECTURE participated in the Cornerstone Ceremony by Grand Lodge F. & A.M. of Nevada to set the conerstone on the new Campos Building. As the Master Architect, SHARCHITECTURE, presented …”the working tools of Operative Masonry, which are considered by (their) Craft the most valued jewels of the Lodge, symbols of important truths, teaching lessons of wisdom and morality.” The working tools included a square, a level and a plumb and the Ceremony dates back to 1793.

SHARCHITECTURE Celebrates Earth Day

Staff and families from SHARCHITECTURE celebrated Earth Day with the Friends of Nevada Wilderness in Lovell Canyon. Our task was to help restore disturbed wilderness by concealing unauthorized trails with brush and deadfall. Friends of Nevada Wilderness has been successful in protecting over 3 million acres of Nevada wilderness. Learn more about the organization at Friends of Nevada Wilderness.


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