Re-Ignite your Goals with a Sense of Purpose

As we are now over half way thru 2013, I like to check in on progress made toward my personal and professional goals for the year. So, how is your progress to date? I have read about 50% of us were on track with our goals for 2013 thru July. Unfortunately, the success rate drops as we approach the rest of the year. Do you need motivation for continued progress or a push to get back on track? I would like to share an additional component for you to consider.

Make volunteering one of the core aspects of what you do. Your impact will not only benefit the community but your physical and mental health. No matter what your goal is, the health benefits will meet a fundamental need towards your ultimate success.

1. Volunteering has been linked to lower mortality rates and incidences of heart disease. Regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health. We know this, right? No more excuses.
2. Volunteering reduces stress. Remember how good you feel after helping someone? The time we spend volunteering refreshes our connection with others and improves our mood. Grab your fellow teammates at work to join you. Organizations that volunteer together outperform their peers.
3. Volunteering provides opportunities to increase your social network. Exciting things happen in our lives when we step out of our comfort zone. You may be able to find career advancement, use your creative skills you don’t get to explore at work, learn something new, or make the business relationship that benefits your organization. The possibilities are endless. It is gratifying to broaden your network with positive passionate people.
4. Volunteering increases your flexibility and patience. Taking on a different role than normal can provide a new perspective on how you relate to others and different situations. We could all use a little of this.

Volunteering as a group is one of the core aspects of what we do at SH Architecture. I challenge you to join us on our quest to make a lasting and meaningful change in our community.
I desire for you to get the most out of volunteering. In future posts I will highlight non-profits in our community. I understand your time is precious and connecting with a non-profit that fits your lifestyle is the key to continuing your volunteer efforts. Only 4 out of 10 volunteers remain with a non profit after one year. This statistic alone emphasizes the importance of a volunteer / organization relationship.

You are always welcome to join the SH Team at a volunteer event. In fact, we have an event coming up on September 13-14. So, finish strong in 2013 and drop me an email at if you would like to join in on the fun.

The smallest change can make the biggest difference.

Kathy Ujifusa

About Kathy Ujifusa

After 10 years in the insurance industry, Kathy came to the SH team with a diverse amount of knowledge in accounting, human resources, and operations management. She is profoundly detail oriented, keeps the team organized like no one else, and loves working with an amazingly creative group of professionals in a fast paced environment.

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