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Growing up in the seventy’s was an interesting time in the United States, let alone in a small town in Michigan. Change was in the wind as a result of the unpopular Vietnam War causing social, political, and economic stress. By the mid-seventy’s energy crisis and resulting economic recession added to social change that impacted all of our lives.

Sitting in my high school’s sophomore architecture class (a.k.a. drafting) our teacher Mr. Elschultz  (they were called teachers back then) would always discuss the changes occurring around us and the impact those changes had on our lives.   Mr. Elschultz would always emphasize that each one of us possessed the ability to change our lives. What better way to change my life and; also, improve the lives of others, than through Architecture.

Not knowing much about Architecture, I headed to the local library to research what architecture was all about.  It was cool.  Architects created great spaces and buildings.  Architects were able to express their creativity in terms of form and function.  Architect’s got to spend O.P.M.  I was hooked.

During my summer breaks, I jumped at the chance to work for one of the local construction companies in Marysville. I thought it would be a great way to learn about how buildings go together by actually helping to build them.  I loved looking at the blueprints, seeing the orderly progress how a building was created, and trying to understand what the Architect was thinking about during design and the detailing of each component.  This was cool stuff!

It seems like yesterday, I was sitting in the design studio at L.I.T. thinking about how my design solution would affect the lives of people who would be using my building.  Today, I am a principal and partner of one of the most successful architecture firms in the state of Nevada. The rest is history.

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