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By January 25, 2013Architecture, Team

Early in my freshman year of high school I worked with my father installing plumbing in his friends new custom homes. It seemed that each of my father’s friends performed a different trade (ie. Electrician, Mechanical, Painting, Framing etc). When it came time for our family to build our custom home each friend then came to our site and performed their specialty for us. Little did I know that my Dad had “farmed me out” as a helper for each trade!  At the time, I hated my dad for volunteering my services; when, in fact, he was teaching me how to read blueprints (and yes they were actual blueprints), as well as learning about each trade.

By the time I was a senior I could drive a 16 penny nail in three hits, hang and tape drywall, pull electrical wire, and a  perform basic tasks in a few other trades. The experience was a great exercise in general construction! I also loved that each tradesman, that I worked with, viewed their work as art. I then realized the entire art process of conceptualizing a home must start with the Architect! Still, I wasn’t hooked yet.  It was my summer spent as pipefitter’s helper (working on the new Omni-Max Theater at Caesar’s Palace) where I was exposed to large commercial architecture and really large blueprints that I started to become excited about architecture. The plans for that project were immense and they conveyed the basic form of the Theater -a golf ball on a tee. I could look at those blueprints and actually see that huge ball coming together! I was hooked.

Through those early experiences with the construction side of the industry I came to appreciate architecture and design. It has been a great journey from helping my father and his friends on custom residences to my current role as a principal and partner at SHarchitecture!

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