Valentines for Architects

By February 14, 2013Architecture, Team

Valentine’s Day has been around for centuries. Honestly, I was shocked when I learned that simple fact. I had always assumed that the folks down at Hallmark were just looking for a budgetary “pick-me-up” after the craziness of Christmas had subsided. So much for capitalism.

The truth of the story is still somewhat hard to decipher; although many have tried and, I suppose, there exists a kernel of truth in each part of the legend. Valentine’s Day or “The Feast of St. Valentine’s” as it is also known, was really made famous as a day to confess your undying love by Geoffrey Chaucer. Yes, that great medieval Don Juan Casanova is the reason that, last night, the greeting card aisle at my local grocery store looked like downtown Baghdad after Operation Desert Storm. Men and women around the world scurry about looking for that special something that makes their special someone feel … well … special. It is a madness concocted of heart-shaped chocolates, precious gems, poetry, roses, candlelight and an inordinate amount of your salary. Still, the unspoken warning looms: Wo, wo, wo be unto he (or she) who feels that they have a relationship that is stronger than needing to fall into line with the pursuits of the day of the winged cupid. Divorce Court is populated with those morons.

Architects find inspiration in many places. We were recently inspired by some Valentine’s Day posts from our friends at Coffee with an Architect and thought we could come up with some “nerd-love” of our own. So, with apologies to some great architects, we present to you some of our architectural expressions of love. Enjoy!

Buckminster Valentine
Get it? Fuller? My love for you has grown Fuller? …. anyone? Ok, next!

Foster Valentine
Nothing says love (and lawsuit for the Harmon tower) like Norman Foster

Hans Hollein Valentine
Is it fair to say that I would prefer a “Hollein” my head over designing Post-Modern buildings?


Loos Valentine
Adolph Loos “Ornament is a crime” … so is this Valentine.


Mies Valentine
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe: so many Valentine’s in that name, so little time.


Saarinen Valentine
unless you are me


ahhh yes, Louvre is in the air today…

Architect Valentines
such sentiment…




Wow! Slow down partner

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