Disengagement is Costly

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Disengagement Is Costly

Today’s professionals are hesitant to take a sick day due to the lack of job security in current economic times. The result, absenteeism statistics are now sharing space with presenteeism statistics. Presenteesim is defined as employees that are at work but their productivity is compromised due to poor health.

Disengagement in the workplace is costly to you personally, to those that work for you and to those who employ you. According to a Cornell University 2004 study, Presenteeism accounts for 61% of an employee’s total lost productivity and medical costs. The average cost to American businesses $250 Billion/yr.

While most of us aspire to work to the best of our ability, the company that invests in our expertise expects 100% return on investment.

Are you disengaged at work? I know in my unhealthy past, I was typically not performing at the top of my game. I would show up for work struggling to muster enough energy to complete my workday, slowly burning out, stressed out to the max and spiraling downward. Can you relate? There are so many professional and personal demands on hard working executives in today’s competitive arena. Only if we invest in our health and fitness can we feel strong, self-confident and dynamic in the workplace. Take control of your personal health and fitness. Create a better life for yourself! No more excuses! Encourage your company to invest in maximizing the productivity and performance of their functional teams. Suggest that your company offer fitness education seminars, health club benefits and personal trainer sessions as a performance incentive.

Or take action yourself… Join a health club, hire a trainer, connect with like-minded colleagues, work out together, share health smart strategies, start eating better TODAY…and enjoy the many benefits. Watch your productivity and efficiency improve, feel better about yourself and discover a new YOU and a brand new life.


About the Author:
Ilene Gershberg, ACSM, is a former NBC executive that transformed from FAT to FIT. As a member of the National Speakers Association, Ilene keynotes at conferences nationwide and consults organizations, educating functional teams on enhanced vitality to maximize performance within the workplace. Visit www.IleneonHealth.com to register for Ilene’s free educational and empowering Health Smart e-Tips.

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