5 Impressive Examples of Medical Facility Architecture Buildings

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Not many people consider the architecture design of medical facilities. How a medical facility is designed is a careful process. The rooms must be big enough to accommodate both patient and doctor. The hallways must be wide enough to accommodate a sizeable amount of activity transporting patients and medical supplies. Even the paint, light fixtures, windows and linoleum are carefully chosen to create a comfortable medical facility.

Some medical facilities go beyond what is required in style, and they reap the rewards.

5 Examples of Medical Facilities and Their Architecture

1. Elmhurst Hospital Medical Facilitymedical-facilities-elmhurst

This hospital in Elmhurst, Illinois, has a Prairie architectural style. You can see the features like the exterior of the hospital sports low-pitched roofs, overhanging eaves, strong horizontal lines. The reddish masonry adds charm and warm to the hospital’s exterior.


2. Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center Hospital Memorial-hermann-medical-facilities-architecture

This massive medical facility in Houston, Texas, is a favorite of ours. The exterior reminds us of the German castles Ludwig II of Bavaria would create. However, we know for sure that no one mad created this beautiful building.



3. Intermountain LDS Hospital LDS-Hospital-medical-facilities-architecture

The Intermountain LDS Hospital takes influence from modern architectural design. Take note of the emphasis on the hospital’s square and rectangular shapes. Notice, also, the flat roof and clean lines.


4. Austin Medical Center Austin_Medical_Facilities-Architecture

Modern design seems to be the popular style choice among medical facilities architecture. This building is a part of the Mayo Clinic Health System. Again, note the use of square plains and shapes and the use of windows. The Austin medical center takes a page from Elmhurst and uses warm colors to brighten up the appearance.


5. Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital

medical-facilities-hospitalHuge, massive and glossy, the most impressive medical facilities architecture feature is the glassy portion of the building that curves around at one end.




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