5 Questions You Should Ask a Potential Architecture Firm

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Searching for a Las Vegas or Salt Lake City architecture firm for your next project? If so, you’re probably looking for a building that not only resonates with you personally, but one that looks great, includes the latest and greatest architectural design techniques or even sustainable architecture concepts. If that is indeed the case, you’ll need to find an architectural firm equipped to carry out everything you have in mind.

No matter if you live in a big city like Las Vegas or a small town, every architecture firm has their own personality and abilities. So, how do you decide which architecture firm is right for your project? We at SH Architecture have put together a list of five questions that will help you choose the best architecture firm for your building goals.

5 Questions You Should Ask a Potential Architecture Firm

Are you licensed?

When searching for an architecture firm, either in Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, or across the world, the first thing you should find out is if they’re licensed. Every architecture firm in Las Vegas must be registered with the Nevada State Board of Architecture.

In addition, ask to see their license, note the date it was issued, the license number and any other information. You can look up the license number in the Nevada State Board of Architecture Registrant Directory to find out more information about the firm. You can also use this information to retrieve feedback from previous clients and the firm’s peers.

Can I See Your Portfolio?

Every architecture firm should have a portfolio (you can see ours here). A portfolio is important because it gives you a good idea if they’re the right firm for the job and if they can accomplish the task at hand. If it’s a well-established company, they will likely have wide variety of projects to show you pictures of.

Can I Visit a Job Site?

In addition to taking a look at their current portfolio, you should take a look at work they’re currently doing and talk to the owners of previous projects to find out what they think about the firm, the firm’s work and how the firm handled the project.

Which Contractors Do You Work With?

An architecture firm is usually the one who does the design and creates the blueprints. Once that step is completed, they’ll work with contractors in Las Vegas or Salt Lake City who actually do the building and construction work. The architecture firm then monitors the work and makes sure everything goes according to plan and that they follow the design the architecture firm created. Asking for a list of the contractors they work with, giving you the opportunity to find out more about this company.

Who Will Work On My Project?

Typically, an architecture firm has several employees and the person you initially meet with may or may not be the one who works on your project. It’s a good idea to to meet everyone who will work on your project through all of its phases.

As you can see, finding the perfect Las Vegas or Salt Lake City architecture firm for your project can take a bit of work, but following the tips we’ve outlined above will help you make an informed decision and ensure that the firm you choose is the right one for the job. And, of course, you should consider SH Architecture if you’re looking for firm in the Las Vegas area or Salt Lake City area.



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