SHarchitecture is different than most architecture firms.  Around here we don’t specialize in one or two building types. Around here we don’t even specialize in one or two client types. That’s not to say we don’t have specialists and high-level expertise in medical, recreational, correctional, K-12, sustainability, commercial and a myriad of other project types; we are just much more than those specializations. Around here we specialize in one thing: finding solutions to the everyday design problems that really make a difference in our clients businesses and lives. If it had to be simplified, that is really what the life of an architect is about – finding solutions. It’s what we do – and we have done it exceptionally for over 30 years.

No need for specialization around here, each project is proven by the lasting relationships, built on trust and confidence, that are the bedrock foundation of our Las Vegas and Salt Lake City offices. We ARE special, it is just different.

Eric Roberts

About Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts is Vice President at SH Architecture and specializes on Government, Higher Education and Rural-based Client segments. Eric is an expert in sustainable design and navigating sustainable programs such as LEED, GreenGlobes, and local and federal tax incentives for sustainability. Eric is an avid sketcher frequently sharing his work on our blog and promoting Urban Sketchers throughout Nevada. He also serves on the Western Mountain Region Executive Board for the American Institute of Architects.

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