Las Vegas Architecture Firm Spotlight: Cadillac Grille

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At SH Architecture, the only thing our architects in Las Vegas and Salt Lake City like more than architecture is nothing (really). However, if we had to choose another one, the close second would be…working on some Commercial Development Architecture or more sustainable architecture projects. (Or, drawing Burj Khalifa-esque mock-ups on homemade parchment paper.)  

It is well known that we have a strong public works architecture protofoio and we love our public clients; however, we are a diverse firm and design other architectural projects under different categories. These categories include project types ranging from residential to commercial projects.   

One project, in particular, we remember fondly from our past is the Cadillac Grille.

SH Architecture History Hour

Okay, so maybe the best architectural firm in Las Vegas stretched the truth a little. The Cadillac Grille was designed to anchor a mixed-use development located in the City of Las Vegas Technology Center, and had commercial offices located behind the actual restaurant. It provided the opportunity to establish one of the first businesses in the new Las Vegas Technology Center (now the Las Vegas Medical District) which brought us a new challenge we happily accepted.

Indoor Dining Features

We designed the Cadillac Grille to make sure it had plenty of room to accommodate multiple guests. We found it best to design the restaurant to have both an indoor and outdoor setting. With a bar and gaming area nearby, the main dining area is open, allowing guests and workers to walk freely with the booths along the wall. In lieu of the delight of outside dining, indoor guests do have a view inside of the kitchen. There is a state-of-the-art sound system in the dining room, but the piece de la résistance was the mesquite grill.


Interior of Cadillac Grille Architecture

Outdoor Dining Features

We designed the outdoor dining area of the Cadillac Grille to take advantage of the 10 months of wonderful Las Vegas weather. We provided plenty of shaded patios for diners and exposed steel canopies and shade structures, which protect the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Need a Las Vegas Architecture Firm?

The Cadillac Grille was an interesting project for our sustainable architecture firm as it provided an opportunity for us to help our City develop a new area to attract technology companies to our growing city. We are committed to helping our communities meet their current challenges, just as we were committed to the City of Las Vegas back in the 1990’s when the Technology Center was born. Helping our clients and communities is what makes SHarchitecture Built to Last. Additionally, check out our sustainable architecture articles and examples of sustainable living.

If you need help on your next architectural project, whether it is residential or commercial, contact SH Architecture today and create something built to last.


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