New Perspectives on Medical Facilities Architecture and Commercial Development Architecture

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Buildings, whether large or small, do not exist in a vacuum. They interact with the community on multiple levels as the community interacts with the building on multiple levels. Therefore, it is important to remark on the various other aspects buildings interact with their users.

Honing in on Medical Facilities Architecture

Medical facilities suggest a pattern in the most aesthetically pleasing hospitals. For example, they are all massive in size since they need to accommodate a number of patients. Besides that, this design choice of creating a massive hospital presents a sense of formidably, respectability and strength, which is conducive to a patient’s trust in healing in a moment of need and sickness.  

Other features of the hospitals include clean lines and repetition of squares and rectangular shapes, low-pitched or completely flat roofs, and the use of rich colors with a warm hue.

The most important feature we found in all these facilities is the copious amount of windows to draw in natural light. Sunlight generates feelings of happiness and pleasure, which is helpful to a patient’s treatment.

A Communal Approach to Commercial Development Architecture

Commercial development facilities need to improve the space it utilizes and make a positive impact the community around them. Therefore, the team of commercial design architects designed the Zahid Business Park to have multiple functions to users, be accessible to people and change what was once unused space to an integral part to the community.

It takes a community to change another community.

In leading this project, we saw ourselves in part of a community of architects, artists and designers, many of them from different countries and cultures working alongside with one another to materialize the needs of the client and users. In other words, a large collection of microcosms generated the change requested by the Saudi Arabian kingdom.

We found when communities interact with one another, the exchange is mutual. While the community of architects created a facility for the Saudi Arabian community, the community of architects took home different perspectives on cultural, economic and religious needs. This is exemplified by the importance and inclusion of a Mosque on the premises.

Bring it Home with Medical Facilities Architecture

College of Southern Nevada’s Engelstad Building, a relatively recent addition to the Charleston campus, serves as the hub for many student’s beginnings in the medical field.

An aspect we wanted the building to capture was the urgency of a hospital. Therefore, our medical facilities architects designed the Engelstad building to make traveling in between each room short and quick. There are multiple avenues for students to travel up and down the building. Additionally, all the related classrooms are in proximity to one another. This will train the future medical professionals promptness indirectly, but for now, will help them from being late to their next midterm.

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