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By February 18, 2016Architecture

“Architecture is a way that I can reach out to people. I have the opportunity to be an effective agent of change.”

My name is Eric Roberts. I’m the vice president of SH Architecture and I’ve been here for 11 years. To me, being an architect means that I have the opportunity to implement positive change on the world. I think being an architect puts us at the forefront of communities. It puts us at the forefront of change on a local neighborhood and city scale, allowing us to make a difference in people’s lives.

I’m John Andersen, president of SH Architecture, and I’ve been with SH Architecture for 22 years. Our clients come to SH Architecture because they have a need and it’s part of my personality and my drive to help others through my expertise and help others through our experiences. Making their important issues a daily priority is our number one goal.

“Community is important in architecture.”

I’m Curt Carlson, and I am the director of design at SH Architecture. Community is important in architecture because it’s not just about building a building. You can’t really have a successful project if you’re just plopping a building down and not looking at its effects on the community. There are a couple different ways of looking at it: There are the physical aspects of how does a building fit into the community, but then there are the overarching aspects of really what is the benefit to the community.

Providing the community with the facilities, the environment that they need to be able to grow is really what we’re trying to achieve here in many different facets. The collaboration process is very important for SH Architecture. Collaborating with our clients eliminates those unknowns at the end of the project.

“The collaboration process is very important for SH Architecture.”

Everybody in the firm has the same sense of responsibility to our clients. They ultimately come first and we try to do everything that we can possibly do to meet or beat their expectations whether it be a very large client with a large budget or one of our clients where it’s more about trying to deliver exactly what they need for a very restricted budget. I think that really helps us focus in on excelling at pretty much any type of work.

After 30 years, we’ve developed these standards and we can rely back on that history and hopefully learn from it and adapt it to each individual project. We have such a range of age groups and cultural backgrounds; it’s great to be able to work with those directors of ours, learning from them and teaching them as well.

Really, the aha! moment for me is when you see the excitement and energy in your client and the passion that they start to take on for the process and the project. It really kind of makes me feel that I’ve done my job and the design was a success.

“SH Architecture made Volunteers in Medicine a daily priority throughout the design process.”

My name is Amy Schmidt. I’m the executive director of Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada. We’re a free clinic for low-income uninsured individuals who cannot get access to healthcare here in our city. SH Architecture made Volunteers in Medicine a daily priority throughout the design process and the construction process. If we had needs they were on it quickly and professionally and with such integrity and passion for the project. We would not be here today if it wasn’t for the design implementation that SH Architecture did for this wonderful, beautiful facility.

My name is Seth Maurer, and I’m the President of Core Construction. The relationship with SH Architecture spans back nearly 15 years. SH Architecture does an excellent job through the preconstruction process, and I feel like our cultures align well with serving our clients. Engaging and giving back to the community is something that SH Architecture and Core Construction have done a very good job at.

“The reality of what we do is we change lives.”

The reality of what we do is we change lives, which changes the communities that we live in, changes communities that we exist in, changes the state, and ultimately, could change the country. I think that’s really what I’m passionate about and why I continue to practice.

I think we’re solving world issues one building at a time. Architecture is definitely right up there on the top in terms of what you can get and the way you can move people. The building is really just providing an enclosure for the activities inside it, and it’s got to give people the opportunity that they may not have had without that building.

“Solving world issues one building at a time.”

SH Architecture is the best because of the individuals that make up the firm. We care about our reputation and it’s that personal commitment that everybody in the firm from the top down gives to a project that makes us unique.

When you have something that you worked for passionately and together you can work towards something special, then you’ve really got something.


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