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residential architecture made of gingerbread.

The Christmas holiday is upon us. That means shopping, traveling, spending time with family, and designing and building gingerbread houses.

Around our office you’ll find plenty of gingerbread. Not only is this spiced treat delicious, but it’s possibilities in the world of culinary construction are endless. Here’s our recipe for how to create a perfect gingerbread house, but we encourage everyone to have fun with their design and push the limits of their frosting.

Creating the Perfect Gingerbread House

Gingerbread house design

When you start to conceptualize your gingerbread house design, consult with gingerbread architecture experts, children. Their uninhibited imaginations are perfect for the creation of an unconventional colonial with licorice window frames or a traditional Cape Cod with Tootsie Roll fence posts.

First, start out with your conceptual design and ideas for the gingerbread house. You’ll need to ask yourself, “What size will the house be? Will it be multiple stories? Will it be eaten afterwards? What style will the residential architecture reflect? Medieval Gothic or ornate Rococo style characteristic of 18-century France? Is there enough candy and frosting to allow for renovations and expansions?”

Make sure their measurements are correct. Even the slightest centimeter off can ruin the integrity of the home. Make sure they make adjustments for door placements, the HVAC system and water heater. When the children eventually become bored and wander off, start gathering your resources for the gingerbread residential architecture design.  

Gathering your materials

Next, you’ll need to look at your sketch and figure out just how much gingerbread you’ll need. Do you have enough gumdrops? How many ounces of frosting do you have? Are there enough cinnamon red hots to cover the entire roof? Have you accounted for the on-site material loss? After all, half the fun of making a gingerbread house is eating while you work.

Once you have your material, begin construction.

Gingerbread house constructiongingerbread man happy about his residential architecture

While construction may not go exactly according to your plan, we are sure your client’s stomach won’t be able to tell the difference. Gingerbread people don’t mind at all if there is only half a roof, doors that don’t work, windows you can’t see out of, or structural damage caused by domesticated animals in the home.

Sustainable Options for the Gingerbread House

Other exciting sustainable architecture features you can add to your gingerbread house include:

  • Evergreen marshmallow trees
  • Peppermint candy stepping stones
  • Repurposed gumdrop shingles
  • Licorice geothermal heat pumps

We hope this plan helps streamline your gingerbread house design and construction this holiday. Regardless of how your gingerbread house turns out, it is sure to be a memorable experience.

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