Alternative Spring Break

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SH Architecture has a strong commitment to the community and a mission to recognize the critical role of health, vibrant communities in every aspect of our lives, and take responsibility for improving our communities through our business practices and the active personal involvement of our team members. This isn’t just a mission we publish and tell people we follow, it is something we live through our constant involvement with various community organizations such as Friends of Nevada Wilderness, Habitat for Humanity and Outside Las Vegas Foundation.

This sense of community involvement is something that runs deep through the SH Architecture family and spills over into the families of SH Architecture employees. Jasmine Ujifusa, daughter of Kathy Ujifusa, Administrator Manager at SH Architecture recently spent her spring break cleaning and helping to restore Lake Mohave.

Spring break usually conjures up thoughts of partying and sleeping in late. That was not the case for twelve college students who joined Friends of Nevada Wilderness’ sixth annual Alternative Spring Break! Instead, these intrepid students chose a week of camping along the banks of Lake Mohave, while stewarding and exploring the wilderness.  Throughout the week they put up 4 barriers, which added up to 30 posts and spanned 279 feet, restored 1,551 feet of decommissioned routes, leading to the passive restoration of an additional 3.9 miles!  They also picked up over 34 bags of pesky, difficult to remove Christmas, Mardi Gras, and other decorations from the beautiful trees that lead into Spirit Mountain Wilderness.

Below is Jasmine’s account of the event and why what they did out there is so important to not only the environment and community they are helping to preserve but also to her.

Throughout my life, my mother and I have challenged ourselves by helping the community and doing everything we can to preserve the wildlife population no matter where it may be. When the opportunity presented itself to do some work with Friends of Nevada Wilderness over spring break, I was more than happy to join in with my mother. Kathy Ujifusa is a part of a great company that shares the same values that she has always taught me. SH Architecture is a place that I have known to care about the environment; cherished relationships made by hard work, and have always worked as a team to make even the most difficult dreams possible. Like this event, SH Architecture has given us opportunities to help the environment and keep endangered plants and animals safe. During this week, college student volunteers from Nevada and California put up many barriers, restored decommissioned routes completing a passive restoration of nearly four miles, and removed holiday decorations from trees in Spirit Mountain Wilderness. I was happy to play a part in putting up barriers to keep motor vehicles off decommissioned roads. The results are always worth the hard work and inspire me to look for more work that can be done. I had a great time working with all the wonderful students and National Park Service representatives. I cannot wait until the next opportunity to work with Friends of Nevada Wilderness!

Jasmine Ujifusa, Nevada State College Student

To learn more about Friends of Nevada Wilderness and how you can volunteer check out their website,

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