Design of Student Unions

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Student Unions have evolved with ever changing student body demographics, technology and individual campus needs. One aspect that has remained key is the Student Union representing the gateway and the public face for the school. These facilities act in many of the same regards as a community center – by being the Heart of the campus community, providing a place for social interaction, providing support services to the users and being an identity place marker. Student Unions also function as a hub to unite the physical spaces on campuses as well as providing accidental collaboration and community spaces.
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To infinity and beyond (or at least through 2017)

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Every year starts with a variety groups presenting their forecasts, predictions and previews for the economic climate of the upcoming year. This year I attended 4 different events to see how they compared to each other in their assessment of the future. Some of the information and predictions are a little like predicting the weather for a year in advance.
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