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What’s Up with Rising Construction Costs

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It’s still early 2017, but the indicators for a very strong year for the design, construction, and real estate industries in Utah are very favorable. Homegrown Utah businesses are growing and Start-Ups are blossoming, Out-of-State interests have decided that Wasatch Front is “the place to be”, and therefore its population is projected to double over the next twenty years.
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AIAS: A Life Outside of Studio

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Life as an architecture student can be stressful to say the least. Our design studios can feel like a 60+ hour jobs that never seem to end.  Yet out of this pressure comes relationships that can last a lifetime. For my brother and I, it is important to branch out beyond the UNLV’s School of Architecture and connect with our fellow students from across the world. Read More


Christmas Cube Contest

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Any time you get an office of architects together and let them know there is going to be a holiday decorating and design competition for workspaces, you can be sure that the competitive side of everyone comes out and this year’s annual “Christmas Cubes” decoration contest was no exception. In fact, not only was every single workspace in the office decorated, the bar for the 2017’s contest has been raised pretty high. This year’s prize included a 2′ holiday dressed garden gnome and more importantly bragging rights for the entire year.

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