Tyler Wistisen

Associate AIA

Senior Design Associate

Growing up in Wyoming, Tyler developed a love and passion for the outdoors and its necessity for personal wellbeing at an early age. This love of the outdoors would guide him to pursue a Landscape Architecture and Planning degree from UNLV. While studying at UNLV, Tyler developed a drive to explore ways to merge landscapes and built forms to create more of a symbiotic relationship. Tyler’s designs focus on blurring the lines from interior and exterior spaces through the use of glass, water, and form.

After graduating with a degree in Landscape Architecture and Planning, Tyler decided that the built form of Architecture is where he really wanted to focus his professional career, and is currently testing for his license in Architecture. At SH Architecture, Tyler is eager to expand his knowledge of the built environment, and seek new ways of blurring the lines between interior and exterior spaces. When not at work, you can find Tyler out spending time with his wife, or out riding the roads of Red Rock.