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Any time you get an office of architects together and let them know there is going to be a holiday decorating and design competition for workspaces, you can be sure that the competitive side of everyone comes out and this year’s annual “Christmas Cubes” decoration contest was no exception. In fact, not only was every single workspace in the office decorated, the bar for the 2017’s contest has been raised pretty high. This year’s prize included a 2′ holiday dressed garden gnome and more importantly bragging rights for the entire year.

2016-12-19-01-00-22-webThis year the office was transformed into a scene from Christmas Vacation for a GiSHwold Christmas experience with hundreds of lights and motorized reindeer, the infamous RV even made it into the scene. A 24’ locomotive engine modeled after the Polar Express outfitted with twinkling lights and working headlight and bell was also erected in the recently expanded portion of the office. Other workspace designs included each SH team member photoshopped into an ice capades competition, a 16’x16’ “present” was built around 4 workspaces, a recreation of the north pole with marshmallow snowflakes, and an aptly named “old FaSHioned Christmas” scene with a 6’ tall, live Christmas tree that was traditional decorated.

2016-12-19-01-03-02-webWhile the structures may not have been built following the most stringent building codes (quite a few rolls of duct tape were used) and a few fire codes may have been pushed (How flammable is this? Was heard multiple times throughout the month) the competition brought out not only everyone’s competitive spirit but also livened up the office during the holiday season. And after seeing a glimpse of the decorated workspaces from the office lobby, clients and consultants would often ask to walk around the rest of the office to see all the decorated spaces.

If you have any “Christmas Cube” requests for 2017 please sent them in!


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