The Neon Museum, a historical landmark, is preparing to double its presence in Las Vegas and SHarchitecture is thrilled to be part of the expansion at the adjacent, vacant Reed Whipple Community Center. The Museum’s expansion into the Reed Whipple facility will provide much needed indoor space adding to the existing Neon Boneyard Exhibits and museum experience.

The first phase includes restoring power and electrical systems to the building, replacing HVAC units on the roof, restroom remodels for ADA compliance and upgrades, remodeling the existing first floor auditorium space into a multi-purpose indoor display and event space for the museum and a future remodel of the existing pottery studio into a working neon fabrication studio for display and education events. The exterior will be upgraded with new building and parking lot lighting and repairing the existing parking lot with a new taxi/ride share/bus drop off area. New security walls and fencing will be added around the parking area and at outdoor sign storage areas. Façade upgrades will include repairing and replacing doors and windows, repainting the exterior and new signage and landscaping for the building.

One of the prime aspects of the renovation is to preserve the original mid-century design characteristics of the building to strengthen the tie and connection to the existing La Concha Shell Museum Lobby across the street. The first phase of the extensive reconstruction is expected to begin in August with a cost of about $3.1 million and will wrap up by the first quarter of 2020.


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