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Why the heck do I need an architect for this?

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Why the heck do I need an architect for this? I have heard this brand of question quite often as I work with clients in all types of fields. It is a valid question! The question, I believe, stems from a desire to be cost effective; after all who doesn’t want to keep money in their own pocket? Still, this is the type of question that deserves a response – why the heck do YOU need an architect for that? I will attempt to address these issues as they apply to each of our major market sectors – I would love to hear your feedback!

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GLVAR New Building

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SHarchitecture is excited to be designing a new facility for the Greater Las Vegas Area Association of Realtors. This collaborative project is the first new office for the Realtors Association since 1986 and will provide a modern new facility for offices and training space. The presentation below was made to the general membership of GLVAR on July 15, 2016.


Built to Last

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SHarchitecture is different than most architecture firms.  Around here we don’t specialize in one or two building types. Around here we don’t even specialize in one or two client types. That’s not to say we don’t have specialists and high-level expertise in medical, recreational, correctional, K-12, sustainability, commercial and a myriad of other project types; we are just much more than those specializations. Around here we specialize in one thing: finding solutions to the everyday design problems that really make a difference in our clients businesses and lives. If it had to be simplified, that is really what the life of an architect is about – finding solutions. It’s what we do – and we have done it exceptionally for over 30 years.

No need for specialization around here, each project is proven by the lasting relationships, built on trust and confidence, that are the bedrock foundation of our Las Vegas and Salt Lake City offices. We ARE special, it is just different.

Mining Towns

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More from Leadville. It is the only place I have found in Summit or Lake County that feels authentic and real. Not that new isn’t “real” -I suppose- or that there isn’t some truth in the fact that our wild places are sooner to be dotted with Starbucks and LL Bean’s than remnants of hard fought towns and family homes and ranches passed down through generations. I suppose I should better correct my observation to say that Leadville is the only place that resonated with someplace inside of me. Something inside of me felt real when I was there. Something feels real when I draw these places, think of these buildings and imagine for a moment what stories they might tell us if they could. As if these places stir memories from a time I can’t remember and streets I have yet to walk. Perhaps there is some revenant ancestor within me scratching at my architect’s heart and asking for a voice. Maybe that is the truth within all of us and the truth of the family of man, that we are fated to carry the memories and yearnings of all our ancestor’s individual and collective pasts in our hearts. We wander this life with much older hearts and certainly much older souls than we know….

Aliante Animal Hospital

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The Aliante Animal Hospital is targeting an opening date in the Fall of 2015. This 7000 square foot facility will provide much needed veterinary services to the North Las Vegas community of Aliante. We love to see great projects come together and are looking forward to this community enriching facility.