COFFEE MUGS – it all started with coffee mugs…

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A few months ago, our office underwent a spring cleaning purge. Aside from workstations and collaboration spaces, the kitchen was no exception. Our cupboards were stocked with miscellaneous mismatching mugs, most of which were probably abandoned by previous employees. This then sprung the suggestion of getting rid of all the mugs and replacing them with newer, coordinating coffee cups.

But what would happen to the discarded drinking devices? Surely, they deserved a good home.

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Science in the Schools

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Recently, team members of SH Architecture had the opportunity to visit Whitney Elementary School and speak to a class of 4th grade students regarding architecture and how math and science play critical roles in the profession. The presentation was part of the Clark County School District’s “Science in the Schools” initiative which allows students to hear from professionals in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math to give them a better understanding of how these subjects are essential tools for life after school.

Below is a bit more about each of the experiences had by the SH Architecture team members and their takeaways from the presentation.

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Alternative Spring Break

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SH Architecture has a strong commitment to the community and a mission to recognize the critical role of health, vibrant communities in every aspect of our lives, and take responsibility for improving our communities through our business practices and the active personal involvement of our team members. This isn’t just a mission we publish and tell people we follow, it is something we live through our constant involvement with various community organizations such as Friends of Nevada Wilderness, Habitat for Humanity and Outside Las Vegas Foundation.

This sense of community involvement is something that runs deep through the SH Architecture family and spills over into the families of SH Architecture employees. Jasmine Ujifusa, daughter of Kathy Ujifusa, Administrator Manager at SH Architecture recently spent her spring break cleaning and helping to restore Lake Mohave.

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Sticking To Deadlines

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(The below is an article originally posted by Dr. Heidi Grant Halvorson on her own blog. Heidi Grant Halvorson is a social psychologist who researches, writes, and speaks about the science of motivation. She is currently Associate Director of the Motivation Science Center at the Columbia Business School. We loved this particular article on what happens when we extend deadlines and how to stay on schedule and choose to share it with our own readers. Enjoy!)

In June, the Obama administration pushed back the deadline for employers with fifty or more workers to provide health insurance for their employees by a full year – until Jan 1, 2015. Admittedly, the implementation of anything as complex as the Affordable Care Act is going to take time, and those involved have been working furiously to try to meet the government’s deadlines. So, at least with respect to this particular part of the ACA, everyone has an additional year to get everything just right. Sounds like a good thing, doesn’t it?

Only – how furiously do you think everyone with this new, extended deadline is working now? Are they still burning the midnight oil… or are they saying to themselves, Let’s take a breather. We’ve got plenty of time.

What happens when we move back deadlines – once we get past the initial feeling of sweet relief? Research suggests we have a lot of difficulty using our newly-found time wisely. We wind up facing the same problem again – the same time pressure, the same stress, the same feeling-not-quite ready – only now we’ve gone an additional week, or month, or year without reaching an important goal.

So why do we squander the time extensions we are given, and what can we do about it? The answer to the latter requires an understanding of the former, so let’s start there.

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October 2010 FlaSH

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Great! Great! Great! Seems to be the word of choice when our clients discuss their new facilities. October is a month of fantastic collaborative projects reaching completion and new projects picking up steam. These three great stories highlight some of this month’s activities in this month’s edition of flaSH [PDF].

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