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AIAS: A Life Outside of Studio

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Life as an architecture student can be stressful to say the least. Our design studios can feel like a 60+ hour jobs that never seem to end.  Yet out of this pressure comes relationships that can last a lifetime. For my brother and I, it is important to branch out beyond the UNLV’s School of Architecture and connect with our fellow students from across the world. Read More

Thinking Outside The Rocks / Las Vegas Desert Landscaping

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[Disclaimer:  I’m not an Architect.  I’m not a professional Landscaper.  I’m just a gardening nut who loves the Desert, interesting plants and the critters that call this place home.  The contents of this blog post reflect my personal opinions and not those of SH Architecture.]

The climate in the Las Vegas Valley is one of the most challenging in the US, especially when it comes to Landscaping.  Located on the Northern edge of the Mojave Desert, we receive less than 10 inches of rain per year, and temperatures can range from 115F+ in Summer to below freezing in Winter.  Despite this, it is possible to have a vibrant, colorful and productive yard without having to spend a fortune in water and maintenance.

Desert landscaping has a bad reputation amongst some Las Vegans, mainly because they associate it with a flat square of rocks peppered with cacti and maybe a palm tree or Sumac.  This was the extent of “Desert” landscaping offered by most homebuilders during the late 2000’s, as an alternative to grass.   Fortunately, with some time and effort, and a little bit of research, a Desert landscape can be so much more, whether installed by a professional or the home gardener.  Here are some tips we learned over the years…

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Happy Birthday Elvis, Welcome To Our Blog!

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Happy birthday to the King of Rock and Roll!

Elvis Aaron Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi on January 8, 1935. Granted, Elvis died over 26 years ago in Memphis; but you could ask anybody within earshot of your voice right now and they would know who Elvis Presley is –and they might even be able to do a little dance or get out an accented “Thank you! Thank you very much” complete with a King-like lip curl. Truly, Elvis is an American icon. In the brief 236 year history of our country you would struggle to find more than a handful of names (first name only, mind you) that would achieve such a global level of renown.

So, you might ask yourself what Elvis could possibly have in common with an architecture firm. The answer is simple and more related than you think. Elvis is as linked to our hometown of Las Vegas as much as any celebrity can be so linked. Since he first crooned “Viva Las Vegas” in 1964 (go ahead, hum a few bars) through his years as a fixture in Las Vegas showrooms, Elvis is synonymous with the Las Vegas lifestyle. You can still walk down the Las Vegas strip and get your picture taken with Elvis on a steamy July evening; or gather family and friends to watch your cousin get married by Elvis at one of our many wedding chapels. Elvis is Vegas. The swagger, the hair, the scarf, the sequins the timeless sense of cool is Elvis. To a large portion of America Graceland is holy ground and there is a firm belief that Elvis still lives.  He never died. How could an icon ever die?

Architecture is also iconic. Think back through your life, how many memories are tied to buildings? Can you picture your childhood without seeing snapshots of your childhood home? Do you use buildings for directions (take a left at the yellow house and then we are the green house, third on the right)? Architecture is an iconic part of our life. Architecture is part of our identity. While we may not all agree on which building is best or nicest; we all have a lifelong relationship with work designed by architects. When you think of your city’s skyline, do certain buildings stand-out more than others in your mind’s eye? Our lives are littered with built manifestations of some (usually unknown) architect’s creativity. You may live or work down the street from a building that was the culmination of an architect’s lifetime of ambition, hard-work and creativity! You may simply refer to it as that wacky office building from the 70’s.

Architecture is in our blood from our youngest days and it forms and shapes our lives. You may seek out a mid-century modern home in your community because “they always feel like home” or your dream home may require a wrap-around porch “just like grandma’s house did.” Good architecture or bad architecture is academic; it’s iconic.

On this otherwise obscure day in January, we celebrate icons: Elvis and architecture. We agree that Elvis lives! Icons never die. So on this iconic day we felt there was no greater time to launch our blog! Welcome to ! This is your link to the inner-workings at SHarchitecture. Through this blog we hope to offer you the opportunity to get to know our team; who we are, what we are passionate about and what drives our pursuit of the iconic practice of architecture. You might have always wondered what inspires architects; we hope to address that. You may have spent sleepless nights contemplating why your friend, the architect, always seems to be working; we hope to find some time to address that. Your mind may even have spent countless hours trying to decipher how architects got to be so darn cool; there is no way we will ever have time to address that, because it is patently untrue.

We hope you take the time to check back with us from time to time and see how our blog is progressing. Drop us a line and let us know what you think about it! Don’t worry, we can take it. Rest assured, we promise to entice you from time to time with fun prizes in exchange for visiting our site. (icon creators have no shame) So, come on in, look around and make yourself at home. It’s an iconic day.