Building a Better Mouse Trap

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Let me make it clear from the beginning – this is not an article about open office design. With the tidal wave of anti-open office publications going around, I am not going to attempt to tackle the pros and cons of open office environments. (I did that a number of months ago anyway.) In lieu of open offices, no offices or smaller offices, I want to concentrate on the big picture: activity-based work spaces, user amenities and using design to bring them into focus.

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A Tale of Three Cities

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“It was the best of times, ….”

The new year always seems to start of with an air of enthusiasm and excitement and listening to the State of the City for the City of Henderson, the City of Las Vegas and the City of North Las Vegas, certainly supports that. The three cities, basically touching each other, have similar goals and long range plans, but different outcomes in their city’s individual execution of the plans. I’m going to concentrate mainly on their issues that impact economic development with respect to property development, construction and real estate.
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