SHARCHITECTURE’s objective is to provide value to our clients through solving complex planning, design or building problems. Part of accomplishing this objective is designing spaces that can improve business operations. Lean principles can be applied to the operation, design and construction of buildings.

Lean design principles focus our design process on eliminate waste, improving operational efficiencies, improve employee productivity, and lower operational costs. By deliberately engaging the business stakeholders in the initial design process, with a focus on reviewing operational processes to eliminate waste and improve efficiency we create a plan for how the business would like to operate that forms the basis for the architectural design. Thus, the design process becomes focused on desired future outcomes rather than present realities. As businesses look to maximize every dollar with a focus on operational efficiency, employee productivity and eliminating waste, Lean-driven design offers opportunities for businesses of all sizes to understand and improve their work flow and processes to inform the design of their space. The result is a building that is efficient, sustainable and flexible.